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hey i just started a blog for my best artwork. i will be posting most of my new stuff on here from now on  for a more professional look

heres the link:
Now that I am out of school I can work on art that I want to work on.........and on this day I vow

that all of my works will be bigger better and more thoughtful for I have time to do so. I plan on

entering the illustrators society contest and I want to win something. These "winter Projects" will be    

my studies  on how to improve my art work after learning what I need to work from my illustration

crits so wish me luck.  

Also i am open for art trades, this will also be a good challenge for me so if ya

want to art trade with me make it interesting ........but clean........but cool.......and challenging.
Dually based out of the eerily similar cities of Buffalo, New York and Cleveland, Ohio, the nu-metal/electronic project Svelton is the brainchild of Cleveland artist and musician Evan Snyder. The accidental result of years of musical conceptualization, Svelton has grown from a simple metal project into a world of its own. Svelton initially existed as a project based solely on the flow of its own sound, which reveled in a sort of homelessness between a number of genres. Brought upon in many ways by this unique status, anyone listening to Svelton cannot help but notice that there is a peculiar depth to the music. Drawn in by just that, those working on Svelton began to realize the capacity of the project to carry more than just a tune. The captivating energy of the music quickly evolved into a storyline that lifted the project to a new level. Finally nailing down a core sample of Svelton's most developed material during the summer of 2011, Snyder independently produced a self-titled album to serve as the band's debut. Svelton's first album explores the tenuous, dystopic reality inside the head of a man to whom little remains real.  " LIKE" SVELTON ON FACEBOOK FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN MANY COOL PRIZES!!!!!!!
So my friend is making music now and he's trying to get his material out there. So i'm going to help

him out as much as i can. click on this link and "like" him on facebook to win his album and other cool

prizes just say that kaibaki/ miharuyume referred you. heres the link i think a lot of you will like his

music . as for the second half of all of this, I have several manga that i am

trying to get rid of with titles such as: Imadoki, King of Hell, Broken angel, etc. and a few anime DVD's

such as:Full Metal Alchemist and DNAngel.          

so if you are interested in buying them then message me
I am involved in this contest where my invitation design could win cash and my design in card greeting stores nationwide. if any of you could kindly go and  facebook "like" my design it would be greatly appreciated. the design with the most "likes" wins $150. here's the link…
Hi, this is :iconmiharuyume::

This second account will be for taking commissions and selling artwork. I specialize in portraits and various other genres in various sizes. There will be examples of my work here soon. If  you would like to commission or buy art from me, you can send a message to either this account or :iconmiharuyume:: where we can discuss the details and payment of work.

payment type: paypal

prices vary from type of work being created

give points! they would be very much appreciated…